A new approach is explored to achieve the aluminum alloy powder layer from nanoparticle contained metallic powder mixture feedstock by Low Pressure Gas Dynamic Spray (LPGDS) or Cold Spray (LPCS). In this approach, mixtures of micron-sized aluminum powder (average size of 10 µm) and alloying nano-powder of Cu, Si and TiC (200-500 nm), at appropriate proportions to compositions of Al-5wt%Cu, Al-5wt%Cu-0.75wt%Si and Al- 5wt%Cu-5wt%TiC with polymer binder were prepared by stirring. Then, the powder mixture was compacted into pellets, dryed, and further milled to obtain the particle agglomerates (average size of 50 µm) . The powder feedstock were sprayed by LPCS. In this paper, we investigate the spraying behavior Al-based nanoparticle contained powder mixtures the microstructural development and mechanical properties of deposited layers using a microindentation, scanning probe microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray analysis.

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