Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a promising material for photocatalyst coating. However, it was difficult to fabricate TiO2 coatings which have excellent photocatalyst property by thermal spray processes. Because anatase phase of TiO2 transforms into rutile phase under high temperature i.e. the photocatalyst property of TiO2 declines by heating. In this study, TiO2 photocatalyst coatings were fabricated by cold spraying. Agglomerated TiO2 powder with 100% anatase phase was injected into nitrogen or helium gas stream and deposit onto steel substrate. It was possible to fabricate TiO2 coatings with anatase phase and dense microstructure. The deposition efficiency was increased with gas temperature. The photocatalytic property of the coatings was evaluated by NOx elimination test. From the results, it became clear that cold sprayed TiO2 coatings had excellent photocatalyst property.

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