Twin wire arc sprayed Zn, Al and Zn/Al 85/15 coatings were investigated for comparison of their corrosion resistance, electrochemical behavior. The Zn, Al and Zn/Al 85/15 coatings possess prominent electrochemical passivation behavior. Oxide formation mainly onto the coating surfaces were identified with energy-dispersive X-ray analysis and were believed to be responsible for the passivation phenomena observed in the electrochemical polarization. Zn and Al are more negative in electrochemical potential than iron. Zn coatings act as a sacrificial anode and providing cathodic protection. Aluminum shows passive corrosion protection according to stable oxide layer occurs on coating surface. Zn/Al 85/15 coating show two corrosion protection mechanisms together. In this study, steel samples were coated with Zn, Al and Zn/Al 85/15 in optimum conditions by wire arc spraying technique. These coatings were investigated behaviors of polarization and corrosion resistance with electrochemical test.

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