Development of thermal spraying of quasicrystalline coatings is connected with development of new powders for produced from alloyed quasicrystalline alloys. Powders of AlCuFe alloyed by Cr and Sc were produced by high – pressure water atomization of melt. Phase composition, microstructure, morphology, flowability of the powders were investigated. Resistance of powders to oxidation in air was studied using thermography. It was determined that doping of AlCuFe – alloy by 0,265 and 0,440 at.% Sc and by 8 at.% Cr significantly increases in them content of quasicrystalline phases. Annealing of AlCuFeCr at 550°C leads to transformation quasicrystalline phase into crystalline approximant of decagonal quasicrystalline phase.

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