In recent years, nano alumina/titania ceramic composite coatings have been investigated and exhibited very attractive properties in several mechanical applications such as wear resistance. One of the reasons for significant improvement of those coatings properties is considered to be “nanostructure” preserved in the coating during depositions. Thus, it is of interest to introduce nanostructure with high aspect ratio into coatings and to investigate the effects on the coating properties, especially fracture properties. In this study, alumina/titania composite powders were fabricated by spray dry procedure, which consist of the alumina nano particle (~50nm) and the titania nano fibers (diameter 100~200nm, length 2~3µm). The developed powders were sprayed by APS process. The deposited coatings contain fibrous titania structures which were not melted during deposition. Fracture resistance was evaluated as a function of a crack length by Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) Test for the coatings fabricated under various spray conditions and corresponded to the microstructure.

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