Segmentation cracked coatings are promising candidates for thermal barrier coatings (TBC) because of their high strain tolerances. By atmospheric plasma spraying (APS), cylindrical stand-alone YSZ coatings with and without segmentation cracks were fabricated. The diameter of the tubes was 10 mm, and the thickness of the coatings approximately 1 mm. The segmentation crack densities were in the range up to 3.5 cracks/mm, while the porosity amounted for all coatings between 5% and 7%. Further details of the spraying process and the obtained microstructures will be given and discussed. The samples were tested in an uniaxial high temperature compression rig to measure the stress relaxation. The comparison of the stress relaxation measurements yielded a different performance of segmented and non-segmented coatings with advantages for the cracked ones. It was observed that the cracks increase the resistance to stress relaxation.

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