Since 1993 education and training guidelines and as well as qualification standards of thermal spray personnel have been created step by step by the European Committees of EWF (European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting) and CEN (European Committee or Standardisation). ISO personnel qualification and quality management standards result together with the EWF education and training guidelines in a sound QM-system, which meets the increased demands of trade and industry of high quality sprayed coating. Meanwhile about 13 ETS courses were held at the German Welding Institute. Also ETS courses have been held in Finland. The EWF education and training course of the ETSS European Thermal Spraying Specialist will be offered by the German Welding Institute in Munich - SLV München - for the eleventh time in October 2008. DIN EN ISO 9000 series are commonly valid, that is why the product related quality management EN ISO 14922 ”Quality Requirements of Thermally Sprayed Structures, part 1 - 4” was created. This standard series puts principles for the fitness of the purchaser and of his spray production. The QM-system that was established by the GTS e.V.– the Association of Thermal Sprayers – was pioneer and does an excellent job concerning its requirements. The QM-standards are also involve the important ISO standards of the Thermal Spraying Co-ordinator and the Approval Testing of Thermal Sprayers.

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