The steadily increasing requirements to the properties of thermal spray coatings have to lead to the development of new characterization tools, in particular for non-destructive testing. Laser acoustic surface waves relate to the most promising methods for cost-effective non-destructive testing. In this work seven HVOF-sprayed WC-based coatings were systematically studied by laser acoustic surface waves using the LAWave device. Due to short measurement and calculation times the coating can be easily multiply tested. Young`s modulus and densities of the coating were obtained by this method. The values of the Young's modulus were compared with those derived from a micro-indentation method using Vickers indents and were found to be in a good agreement. Moreover, Vickers hardness values of the coatings obtained by using different loads were compared and the phase composition was studied by X-ray diffraction. The coating porosity was determined by image analysis of optical micrographs of metallographic cross-sections. It is proposed that in the case of WC-based coatings changes in the theoretical density of the material composition due to phase transformations induced by the spray process (formation of W2C and solid solutions on their base) prevent a direct access to the porosity values.

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