HVO/AF (High-Velocity-Oxygen/Air-Fuel) WC-17Co and WC-10Co4Cr coatings exhibit great potential in the replacement of electrolytic hard chrome (EHC) coating, and comprehensive properties of such coatings should be not worse than those of electrolytic hard chrome coating. The impingement-resistance of HVAF coatings sprayed on 300M ultra-high strength steel was studied in this paper. As an important property index, the fracture toughness of HVAF WC coatings was measured using micro-indentation method at the load of 9.8, 19.6, 24.5, 29.4 and 49.0N respectively. The cracks resulted from stress concentration in the micro-indentation were analyzed. The impingement-resistance for two HVAF WC coatings and EHC was evaluated according to the ASTM D3170 standard, and steel ball dropping experimentation was performed at the height of 0.61, 1.52, 1.83, 2.36 and 2.59m respectively. The cracks caused by both impingements were analyzed using SEM and optical microscopy in comparison with cracks in micro-indentation test.

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