In this paper, submicron α-Fe/nylon-12 microwave absorbing composite coatings were deposited by a Low Temperature High Velocity Air Fuel (LTHVAF) spraying technique. The microstructure and the electromagnetic parameters of coatings and powders were tested. The coatings are dense and have low porosity. The microwave reflectivity coefficient of the coatings was calculated with permeability and permittivity of the powders. It shows that there is a relationship between the mass fraction of composite powders and microwave absorption ability of coatings. At the threshold value, the composite coatings can absorb microwave strongly. When the coatings thickness increases, the minimal reflectivity coefficient moves to the low microwave frequency. There exists an appropriate coatings thickness in order to optimize the absorption of the microwave energy. The mass fraction and the thickness can affect the performance of composite absorber coatings.

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