Aluminum nitride (AlN) and iron nitride (Fe4N) coatings were fabricated by reactive plasma spraying using fine feedstock powders. Reactive plasma spraying, in which element particles react with surrounding active species in the plasma, enables to fabricate nitride ceramics which decompose without stable melting phase. However, it is difficult to fabricate the coatings which include higher concentration of nitride phase by reactive plasma spraying using conventional particle size of feedstock powders. Therefore, fine feedstock powders were used in order to enhance the nitriding reaction during spraying. Aluminum or iron particles were injected into Ar/N2 plasma and were deposited onto graphite substrates. It was possible not only to increase the nitride phase content in the coatings but also to densify the microstructure in both materials. Thus, it became clear that using fine feedstock powders are useful for fabrication of nitride ceramic coatings by reactive plasma spraying.

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