Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) with nanostructured bond coats have shown significant thermal cycling enhancements over their conventional microstructured counterparts; however, the high cost inherent to the cryomilling processing of the MCrAlY powder limits commercial application. Hence, this study characterizes and evaluates nanostructured bond coats derived from non-cryogenically milled MCrAlY powder with emphasis placed on reduced processing cost and scale-up capability. After extensive development of both a high-energy planetary mill and its operating parameters, fine-grained equiaxed NiCrAlY powder has been produced. XRD and SEM characterization of the milled powder will be presented. Microstructural analyses of the coatings sprayed via the HVOF and cold spray processes will also be carried out, in addition to some preliminary static oxidation test results of the conventional and milled NiCrAlY.

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