Comparing with the traditional liquid oxygen and kerosene HVOF system (LHVOF), the development of the DZ9000E Oxygen Gaseous HVOF system (GHVOF) is emphasized on reduction of the cost of coatings and increasing the in-situ removability to suit various working conditions. DZ9000E hand-held spraying gun is assembled with dual-valve handle, ON/OFF switches for powder feeding, and compressing and cooling valve, which can provide portable and simple operation mode for users. The whole system is economical, which enables the system to meet the requirement of spraying medium or low cost HVOF coatings for medium and small job shops. The deposited cermets coatings by the DZ9000E system have good performance with average micro hardness of over HVOF 2900 and the bond strength between coating and substrate of over 50MPa.

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