Plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coating can bond to living bony tissue, and it is being widely used in clinical application. The problem of hydroxyapatite coating on metal substrate may mainly come from the instability of coating-substrate interface and the unstable duration of coating in the presence of body fluid. Therefore, it is desirable to develop newly bioactive coatings with good bioactivity and mechanical properties. In this paper, new progress in plasma sprayed bioactive coatings at Shanghai Institute of Ceramics are reviewed. The novel coatings including wollastonite, dicalcium silicate, diopside and titania were deposited. All the bioactive coatings mentioned above form a bone-like apatite layer on their surface immersed in simulated body fluid, indicating their good bioactivity. The formation of bone-like apatite is induced by Si-OH and Ti-OH on the surface of coatings. The results of cell culture test indicated that novel coatings can enhance osteoblast adhesion, proliferation and differentiation, indicating their good biocompatibility.

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