In this work, 30wt% calcium silicate, including wollastonite and dicalcium silicate, were mixed with 70wt% ZrO2, respectively. The composite powders were deposited onto Ti-6Al-4V substrates to prepare wollastonite/ZrO2 and dicalcium silicate/ZrO2 composite coatings using plasma spraying technology. The bioactivity of coatings was evaluated using simulated body fluid soaking test. After the composite coatings were soaked in simulated body fluid for a certain period, apatite was formed on the surface of the wollastonite/ZrO2 and dicalcium silicate/ZrO2 composite coatings. In addition, the ZrO2 in composite coatings may protect the calcium silicate in the coatings from dissolving in simulated body fluid.

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