In this work, the plasma sprayed titania coatings were treated by H2SO4 for 24h at room temperature to improve the biological properties. The bioactivity was measured by simulated body fluid soaking test, and the biocompatibility was evaluated by quantifying the grafted collagen amount and in vitro cell culture test. The results showed that titania coatings treated by 0.1M and 1M H2SO4 can induce bone-like apatite formation after immersion in SBF for 28 days, while the titania coating treated by 0.01M H2SO4 can not. H2SO4 treatment can promote the grafting of collagen on titania coatings. The in vitro cell culture test confirmed that collagen improved the cellular adhesion and proliferation on titania surface. In conclusion, a certain concentration of H2SO4 treatment is beneficial in improving the bioactivity and biocompatibility of plasma sprayed titania coatings.

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