Through analyzing and predicting the development trend of tomorrow iron & steel industry in China and the effect of the improvement of the industry technology on the varying trend of the demand of steels, it appears that thermal spraying technology has a good chance for further developments. This paper presents the development of the thermal spray technology in Baosteel Company and its application in the iron & steel industry. It describes and analyzes the thermal spraying applications on mould narrow plates for CCL, CGL sink rolls, continuous annealing hearth rolls and cold mill processing rolls etc. It also introduced the work done by Baosteel Company on the development of thermal spray technology and the development of the softwares and experimental set-ups for the surface engineering lab. Various aspects such as corporation and “Both Payoff”, to the self-innovation in thermal spray technology, combination of the application technology with the manufacturing technology, pre-maintenance and complete life cycle service, etc, provide countermeasures on how to expand the application of thermal spraying technology in China iron & steel industry.

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