Two copper powders were deposited with CGT3000 cold gas dynamic spray system on aluminium substrates. The X-ray diffraction patterns allow the characterisation of the microstructure such as grain size, strain in the coating and dislocation densities. Both powders and coatings have been fully characterised. Three methods have been used to interpret the X-ray patterns: the Warren-Averbach method, the Hall Williamson method and the modified Hall-Williamson method. A comparison between the state of the powders before and after deposition will give an insight on the metallurgical processes that take place during the formation of the coating. The influence of the grain size distribution will also be discussed. This article is a follow up of the publication done at ITSC2006: “Comparison Between Coatings from two Different Copper Powders: Mechanical Properties, Hardness and Bond Strength”.

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