Not least because of the multitude of the possibilities which this process has to offer, has thermal spraying established itself in an extremely wide range of industrial sectors. In quest of new applications, special attention is frequently paid to the properties of individual systems. However, the trumps of the process can only be played out in combination with all the components as a whole. In industry nowadays, it is often the costs alone which are hotly disputed, and especially so when it comes to industrial gases. Yet precisely here infinite opportunities present themselves to positively influence the process. Starting with the optimization of costs, followed by the lifetime of the systems, through the variety of coating properties which can be tailored to the application, the influencing variables are endless. Investigations into this potential are already in full swing. Powder manufacturers are testing the many possibilities in their laboratories and have put their heads together with the R&D departments of hardware and gas suppliers in an effort to continually broaden the coating spectrum.

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