In the thermal spraying technology a lot of things have been and still are happening in education and training of personnel and in quality management. The QM-system that was established by the GTS e.V.– the Association of Thermal Sprayers – was pioneer and does an excellent job concerning its requirements. These GTS QM-requirements are meanwhile completed by newly created and internationally accepted EWF-education and training guidelines of supervising personnel and thermal spray workers. These guidelines involve also the new ISO standards of the Thermal Spraying Coordinator and the Approval Testing of Thermal Sprayers. Meanwhile the ETS (European Thermal Sprayer) and the ETSS (European Thermal Spraying Specialist) education and training courses are very much in demand. For the QM-System the standard ISO 14922 Part 2-4 (Quality requirements of thermally sprayed structures) is established, which includes the standard ISO 14918 (Approval Testing of Thermal Sprayers). Here, different destructive testing procedures are required depending on the spray process, which provide useful statements concerning the quality of sprayed coatings. With the GTS-Certification, the EWF-Qualifications and the ISO Standards a System is installed, which meets the increased Demands of Trade and Industry for High Quality Sprayed Coatings.

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