Nano-structured WC-Co coating was deposited by cold spraying using a nanostructured WC-12Co powder. The critical velocity for the particle to deposit was measured. The coating microstructure was characterized by X-ray diffraction analysis, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The coating hardness was tested by using a Vickers hardness tester. The deposition behavior of single WC-Co particles was examined. WC particle size was also measured for comparison of deposit properties to that of sintered bulk. The result shows that the nanostructured WC-Co coating can be successfully deposited by cold spraying using nanostructured powders. The coating exhibited a dense microstructure with full retention of the original nanostructure in the powder to the coating. The test of microhardness of the coating yielded a value of over 1820 Hv0.3, which is comparable to that of sintered nanostructured WC-Co. The deposition behavior of WC-Co powders as superhard cermet materials in cold spraying and powder structure effects are discussed.

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