The residual grit weight and the penetration depth of the embedded grit were investigated by dissolution of the blasted substrate with a mixed acid solution. A carbon steel substrate was blasted by white alumina grit (WA #30). The blasting angle varied from 30° to 90°. The residual grit amount and the penetration depth increased with increasing blasting angle. The residual grit amount was 2-12 g/m2, and the penetration depth was 26-34 µm. When the blasting angle increased from 30° to 90°, the increase ratio of the residual grit amount was 6.0, although the increase ratio of perpendicular component of impact energy by blasting was 2.0. To reduce the residual grit amount, a decrease of blasting angle is more effective than the decrease of grit mass. For the reduction of the penetration depth of the embedded grit, the blasting angle effect is small.

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