Gas atomized feedstock particles of an Al-13Co-26Ce alloy system were sprayed using the Cold Spray deposition technique. The microstructures of the coatings produced are examined and the mechanical characteristics, in particular the bending fatigue and the bond strength, of the Al-Co-Ce coatings are reported. The results show that the Al-Co-Ce coating improved the fatigue behavior of AA 2024-T3 specimens when compared to uncoated and Al clad specimens. During the bond strength tests, the bonding agent failed and no delamination of the coating from the substrate occurred. The microstructural features of the feedstock powder were also found in the coatings. The coatings contained amorphous and crystalline phase contents similar to the ones found in the feedstock powder. It is suggested that the increase in the fatigue properties can be attributed to the residual compressive stresses induced in the coatings and to the high adhesion strength of the coatings to the substrates.

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