For deposition of protective coatings different coating techniques are available. Usually, detailed evaluation of various deposit types and materials is necessary for selection of the best suited coating for specific application fields and demands. Subject of this work are thermally sprayed functional coatings applied as wear (and corrosion) protective layers. Examination of different optimized thermal spray coatings, i.e. HVOF sprayed WC/Co(Cr) and Cr3C2/NiCr coatings, conventional flame sprayed and fused self fluxing alloy coatings reinforced by hardmetal and APS sprayed oxide Al2O3/TiO2 and Cr2O3 coatings, is done in comparison to thick hard chromium platings. Two abrasive wear tests featuring wear by lose abrasive particles are carried out. These impart dry wear conditions according to ASTM G65 (Rubber Wheel test) and wear by abrasive suspensions according to ASTM G75 (Miller test). The work also contains evaluation of newly developed HVOF torch components permitting increased combustion gas, and therefore also particle, velocities concerning the benefit in terms of coating properties. Exemplary evaluation of the new components influence on velocity and temperature of spray particles is carried out by comparative SprayWatch analyses. Both the influence on the coatings microstructure and the wear performance are studied. Coating microstructure is evaluated qualitatively by optical and scanning electron microscopy and the micro hardness HV0.3 is measured. Worn surfaces are studied by SEM in order to deduce wear mechanisms.

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