The number of parameters influencing the plasma spraying process is very high. Only a part of these parameters can be controlled online; some of them such as gas flows, current, voltage and spraying distance can be controlled easily, others such as particle temperature and velocity can only be controlled with substantially higher effort. As differences from parameter values preinstalled or given at the start of the process, the noise factors affect the coating properties in different ways and show big effects on the coating quality. Nevertheless there is only little knowledge about the significance of several noise factors and about the influence of small process parameter fluctuations on the coating properties. Because some of these noise factors such as plasma torch degradation cannot be avoided, the aim of this work is to determine the sets of coating parameters, where the influence of noise factors is minimized. This should be achieved by using online diagnostic tools, that afford the observation of fast and easy controllable process characteristics. On the other hand process errors shall be identified in an early process stage using appropriate diagnostic methods.

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