Aluminum nitride (AlN) is one of the attractive ceramics with respect to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties. In this study, AlN coatings were fabricated and the influence of feedstock powders was investigated by reactive RF (Radio Frequency) plasma spraying. Two different particle sizes of commercial aluminum (Al) powders and Al/AlN mixed powders were used as the feedstock powder. The feedstock powder was injected into a RF plasma, and sprayed particles were deposited onto carbon steel or quartz substrates. As a result, it was possible to fabricate thick and dense AlN coating using smaller particle size of Al powders and quartz substrate. However, many agglomerates were formed in the coatings. On the other hand, 50 wt% or above of AlN addition in the feedstock powders was effective to prevent the formation of the agglomerates. Therefore, Al/AlN mixed powder with smaller particle size was useful for fabrication of AlN coatings by reactive RF plasma spraying.

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