Nanostructured ceramic composite coatings were deposited by high velocity arc-spraying. It was found that metal-clad powders exhibited better thermal conductivity and atomization capabilities when compared to mechanically blended powders. The Surface Rockwell hardness values of the nanostructured ceramic composite coatings were similar to those of the conventional coatings (from 66.7 to 72.8), however, the bond strength of the nanostructured coatings measured via the GB9796-88 standard reached values of 60 MPa, whereas the bond strength of the conventional coatings stayed below 40 MPa. The microstructure of the high velocity arc sprayed nanostructured ceramic coatings was analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The coatings exhibited the typical lamellar structure of thermal spray coatings. The surface of the nanostructured composite coatings was smoother than that of the conventional ones, and their microstructures were denser, showing lower levels of impurity.

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