In order to achieve SOFC with reduced costs, the atmospheric plasma spray process (APS) could be an attractive technique. To obtain dense layer as electrolyte, the route has been adapted by providing a suspension as feedstock material. Suspensions of yttria stabilized zirconia powders in methanol have been prepared with various solid loadings and states of dispersion. An external injection system was used to ensure the atomisation and radial injection of the suspension into the Ar-H2 plasma under atmospheric conditions. The coatings were characterized by SEM, Archimedes porosity and differences in the microstructure of the deposits were observed. The aim of this work has thus been to study the influence of various parameters (of the suspensions, plasma, torch, injection) on the layer morphology. For this purpose, the atomization has been investigated and efforts have been made to understand relationships between suspension properties, atomization and microstructure.

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