Fe-Al based composite coatings were deposited on Grade 20 steel substrates by High Velocity Arc Spraying (HVAS) technology. Hot salt corrosion properties of the coatings were studied at the temperatures of 450 °C,650 °C and 800 °C . Results showed that the corrosion resistance of the Fe- Al/Cr3C2 composite coatings changed little with the increase of temperature, contrasted to the substrate and Fe-Al coatings. The excellent corrosion resistance of the Fe-Al/Cr3C2 composite coatings was attributed to the oxidation of the iron, aluminum and chromium to form protective scales. In hot salt, there are mainly iron oxides at the outer corrosion surface; aluminum and chromium oxides are found at the inner corrosion surface, which can effectively protect the Fe- Al/Cr3C2 composite coatings from corrosion.

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