In this work, a TiO2 coating with nanostructured surface was obtained through plasma sprayed nano-sized TiO2 powder. Its bonding strength onto Ti-6Al-4V substrate is high up to 38 MPa. At same time, we have successfully improved the bioactivity of plasma sprayed TiO2 coating with nanostructured surface using hydrogen ion implantation and UV illumination. Bone-like apatite can form on the surface of the post-treated TiO2 coatings after they are soaked in simulated body fluid for a period of time. Introduction of surface bioactivity (bone conductivity) to plasma-sprayed TiO2 coatings which are generally recognized to have excellent biocompatibility and corrosion resistance as well as high bonding to titanium alloys makes them more superior than many current biomedical coatings such as plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite.

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