The current study has been focused on the final morphology of atmospheric plasma sprayed 8% yttria stabilized zirconia single splats. Single splats of two different sizes (-25 µm and +25/-45 µm) of ZrO2 8Y2O3 powder have been collected on polished stainless steel substrates at three different temperatures (Room, 300°C, and 600°C). The splat morphology and diameter, satellite particles, and splashing behavior were investigated using both scanning electron microscopy and image analysis software. The splat/substrate interface and splat curl up were studied from cross-sections prepared by focused ion beam milling. Results showed primarily pancake morphology and no evidence of delamination along the splat/substrate interface at 300oC substrate temperature and 100 mm spray distance. Overlapped splats showed evidence of melting (microwelding) at the splat boundaries. Splat thickness was measured to be less than 1 µm for all spray conditions. Roughness profiles of the surface of the deposited splats indicated microcracks had formed within the splats. Image analysis results exhibited a higher volume fraction of the splats relative to satellite particles at longer spray distance and higher substrate temperature. The average splat diameter increased as the substrate temperature increased.

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