This study evaluated the effects of particle temperature on deposition efficiency and critical velocity in kinetic spraying. A wide range of pressures and preheat temperatures of the process gas were used in these experiments to vary both particle velocity and temperature, and a bronze (Cu-Sn alloy) powder was deposited onto aluminum and bronze substrates. The deposition efficiency of the coatings was measured, and the critical velocity was estimated. The experimental results showed that the critical velocities of the bronze feedstock deposited onto either an aluminum or bronze substrate were different and that the critical velocity was strongly dependent on the particle temperature, which when increased, caused the critical velocity to decrease. Increasing the gas pressure caused an increase in particle velocity, while increases in the gas temperature not only affected the particle velocity but also the particle temperature. In our experiments, the critical velocity decreased by 50 m/s when the process gas temperature increased by 100 °C.

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