Cold spraying is quite a new process, which is an effective method to deposit dense and pure coatings. The aim of this study was to investigate microstructures and mechanical properties (hardness and adhesion) of the cold sprayed coatings. The coating materials were aluminium, copper, nickel and zinc. The substrate materials were carbon steel and copper. Influence of heat treatments on mechanical properties was studied, especially different heat treatment times and temperatures. The hardness of the cold sprayed coatings was higher than that thermally sprayed coatings and bulk materials. During heat treatment, the hardness of the cold sprayed coatings decreased and the ductility increased. Corrosion resistance of cold sprayed coatings was also studied. The corrosion resistance was tested with salt spray (fog) testing and open cell potential measurements. The corrosion tests showed some through-porosity but some parts of the cold sprayed coatings appeared to be fully dense, which showed their potential for corrosion protection.

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