In order to develop a functional film deposition process with high deposition rate, as a basic study, deposition of zinc oxide film by thermal plasma CVD (TPCVD) in the air was carried out. As ingredient, working gas and substrate, ethanol diluted zinc acetate solution, Ar and 430 stainless steel were used. As for deposition condition, Ar gas flow rate was fixed at 20SLM, deposition distance (distance between substrate surface and nozzle outlet of plasma torch) was varied 50 to 200 mm, zinc acetate concentration in the ingredient was varied 20 to 50 vol%, and ingredient feed rate was varied 30 to 200 ml/h. Consequently, with varying deposition distance, not only crystallized film but also amorphous film could be deposited. In the case of crystallized film, photo-catalytic properties could be confirmed in the films by methylene blue decoloration testing and wettability testing. Besides, in this case, film structure could be changed from lamellar to columnar by decreasing zinc acetate/ ethanol ratio. From these results, this process was found to have high potential for high rate functional film deposition process conducted in the air.

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