There is a plethora of micro and nanofabrication processes that have been developed over the past ten years for use in the electrical and mechanical industrial sectors. Processes such as optical lithography, x-ray lithography, LiGA, selective laser sintering, laser micromachining, wet and dry plasma etching, casting, molding, etc., are already well established. However, newly emerging processes such as laser nanofabrication, diamond nanogrinding, thermal spray and cold gas dynamic manufacturing, etc., have yet to realize their potential. The future of micro and nanomanufacturing lies in the ability to convert micro and nanofabrication techniques into mass production manufacturing processes where small-scale products can be economically manufactured in a short period of time. This may be achieved by combining micro and nanoscale processes, or by combining ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ manufacturing techniques. The development of so-called hybrid manufacturing processes is set to take center stage in the future development of micro and nanomanufacturing processes. This paper will focus on current developments in the field of micro and nanomanufacturing and highlights the importance of processes such as thermal spray and cold gas dynamic manufacturing.

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