The most advanced thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems for aircraft engine and power generation hot section components consist of EBPVD applied yttria stabilized zirconia and platinum modified diffusion aluminide bond coating. Thermally-sprayed ceramic and MCrAlY bond coatings, however, are still used extensively for combustors and power generation blades and vanes. This paper highlights the key features of plasma spray and HVOF, diffusion aluminizing and EBPVD coating processes. The coating characteristics of thermally sprayed MCrAlY bondcoat as well as low density and dense vertically cracked (DVC) Zircoat TBC are described. Essential features of a typical EBPVD TBC coating system, consisting of a diffusion aluminide and a columnar TBC, are also presented. The major coating cost elements such as material, equipment and processing are explained for the different technologies, with a performance and cost comparison given for selected examples.

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