The specific advantages of TiC as a hard material are its low density, high hardness and the high alloyability of the hard phase - binder metal composite. Currently developed agglomerated and sintered core-rim structured TiC-based powders were intensively studied in the last few years for thermal spray coating solutions. In the work described in this paper two different powders with cubic (Ti,Mo)C and (Ti,Mo)(C,N) hard phases and Ni/Co binder, representing the first and second alloying step for the binary TiC-Ni/Co composite, were used together with mechanically mixed NiBSi powder to produce wear resistant coatings by plasma-transferred arc welding (PTA) and laser cladding. Basic process parameters, coating microstructures and properties are described. Coatings with fine grained hard particles were obtained by both processes, while the coating prepared from the nitrogen-containing powder by laser cladding shows a significant smaller hard particle grain size and increased hardness.

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