A simulated environment erosion test platform consisting of a control chamber, a modified HVOF gun, and a programmable logic control module is presented. This robust equipment can vary angles of impingement from 0-90 degrees, erodent velocities up to 300 m/s, and temperatures exceeding 2000°C. The erodent velocity, flow rates and temperatures are directly measured employing a high speed camera, and a DPV/CPS 2000 particle flight diagnostic sensor in contrast to estimates typically reported in the literature. It is demonstrated that, although the gas jet type erosion test apparatuses are frequently used in laboratories, quantitative parameter characterization is essential for setting up a test protocol. Both room and high temperature tests have been performed on this test bed. It is believed that the quantitative characterization of test parameters would greatly assist the designer in choosing and developing the appropriate erosion resistant coatings for their application.

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