The adhesion at the interface between coating and substrate is a key factor for the reliability and performance since the main problem in the application of coating systems is the delamination at the interface. Finite element models are developed to find a way to predict the adhesion strength of a thermal sprayed coating system from simply designed indentation test. Large depth indentation behavior is simulated to study shear induced delamination beneath the indenter. The interface between the coating and the substrate is modeled by three different bonding characters to investigate the effect of interfacial bonding on indentation test. Pressure-strain relations based on Tabor’s suggestion are observed for various combinations of material properties and interfacial bonding characteristics. The growth of a crack in the interface plane leaves a clear imprint on indentation load-depth curve in case of soft coating on hard substrate. Tabor curve also shows potential ability to detect interface bonding strength under indentation test.

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