The mechanical behavior of single splats on substrates can provide insight into a number of critical coating aspects, including stress evolution, inelastic behavior, and adhesion. Single splat studies provide a theoretically sound base for the understanding of properties, as they are essentially thin film structures on substrates – a geometrically simple arrangement. However, the experimental measurement of splat properties is non-trivial. Previous work has shown that residual stresses and hardness of splats can be measured successfully using X-ray diffraction and nano-indentation, respectively. Here we present the development of a new technique for the determination of in-plane splat properties, including modulus and flow stress, as well as splat-substrate adhesion. This method is based on the widely-used substrate curvature technique, and adaptations of the Stoney formula for electronic thin films. Critical aspects of the continuum-based analysis, including the effects of splat geometry and/or partial debonding, are discussed.

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