Single-wavelength pyrometers are widely used as a noncontact temperature measurement tool in material processing, petrochemical and laser-machining industries. In addition, these intensity-based IR sensors are used extensively as a diagnostic and health monitoring in the development and research of advanced high-temperature military and commercial gas turbine engines. In contrast to thermocouples, optical pyrometers have several advantages. First, they are easy to install and second they do not bring any disturbance to the measured system. However, they suffer from some problems, in particular the variation of the material emissivity and perturbations introduced by extraneous radiations. Yttria stabilised Zirconia (YSZ) thermal barriers are known to be more emissive and opaque in the 8-14 µm spectral band, therefore we can take advantage using this spectral band in temperature measurement. Spectral emissivities of an YSZ sample were measured using two commercial pyrometers. And a method for adapting commercial wide-band pyrometers (generally used for low temperature measurements) for high temperature measurements of thermal barrier coatings was tested.

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