Thermally sprayed ceramic coatings deposited from nanostructured feedstock powder have often shown improved mechanical properties comparing to coatings produced from convention feedstock. Bimodal structured ceramic deposits have been reported to demonstrate better properties such as wear resistance, adhesion strength and toughness. For thermal barrier coatings, high temperature performance is a key point especially creep/sintering. In this study creep/sintering rate of plasma sprayed, bimodal structured, yttria stabilized zirconia coatings were investigated. The creep behaviour was investigated using free standing thick (3 mm) coating layers loaded in the four point bending setup at two temperatures : 800 and 1000 ºC in air. Under the same test conditions the creep results for nanostructured coatings and conventional plasma spray coatings have been compared together and the former one in both temperatures showed a lower creep rate.

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