The characterization of the adhesive and cohesive strength of thermally sprayed coatings is often evaluated according to given standardized testing procedures. These tests require the preparation of normally large coupons which have to be fixed together using an appropriate adhesive. Additionally they need time for preparation (e.g. annealing/curing of the adhesive) and require test equipments normally not available at job shops for coating development. One of the largest limitations of these tests is the applicability only for non-porous coatings, and in some cases the limited strength of the adhesive. Within a European CRAFT research project on “standards, measurements and testing”, a new shear test method was developed to characterize the mode and value of failure of thermally sprayed layers in a more reliable and less limited manner. This new shear test does not need any adhesive and yields more intrinsic information on coating quality than conventional tensile tests.

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