Water atomized cast iron powder of Fe-2.17C-9.93Si-3.75Al (in wt%) were deposited onto an aluminum alloy substrate by atmospheric DC plasma spraying to improve its tribological properties. Pre-annealing of the cast iron powder allows to precipitate considerable amounts of graphite structure in the powder. However, significant reduction in graphitized carbon in cast iron coatings is inevitable after plasma spraying in air atmosphere due to the in-flight burning and the dissolution into molten iron droplets. Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) powders which have excellent lubricating properties like graphite were incorporated to the cast iron powder as solid lubricant by sintering process (1300 °C) to obtain protective coatings with low friction coefficient. The performance of each coating was evaluated using ring-on-disk type wear tester under paraffin base oil condition in air atmosphere. Conventional cast iron liner which has flaky graphite embedded in pearlitic matrix was also tested in similar conditions in order to make a comparison. Sections of worn surfaces and debris were characterized and wear behaviour of plasma sprayed coatings are discussed.

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