HVOF sprayed cermet coatings are used for wear protection in numerous application fields. Most feedstock powders can be processed successfully with different spraying guns but optimized parameters for high quality coating production cannot be transferred directly. Besides substrate temperature only particle velocity and temperature inflight and at impact on the substrate determine the resultant coating properties. Two typical HVOF powders, WC/Co 88/12 and Cr3C2/Ni20Cr 75/25, are sprayed using the kerosene fuel system GTV K2 and particle parameters are recorded just prior to impact on the substrate with the passive diagnostic tool Spray Watch. Detailed correlation of particle parameters and the coating properties porosity and micro hardness as well as deposition efficiency is worked out in order to deduce particle parameter ranges providing coatings with defined optimum properties. The transferability to another kerosene fuel HVOF spraying gun, Tafa JP5000, is tested. It is also shown that effects like wear of the nozzle can be detected by use of the Spray Watch. Secondary correlation of particle parameters and machine settings is carried out to build a base for straight forward closed-loop control of the HVOF spraying process applying process diagnostics

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