The electromagnetic forming (EMF) is a process for forming sheet metals or thin metal tubes with a high electrical conductivity such as Al-alloys. Extremely high forming velocities can be achieved by employing this process based on pulsed electro-magnetic fields. To exploit the advantages of this process in forming sheet materials with a limited electrical conductivity thermal spraying methods have been applied. The essential requirement is based on the design and development of an electrically conductive layer system, which can act as a “driver“ for materials to be formed. Therefore, the layer has to fulfil high demands on its density as well as on the adhesion to the substrate. In this contribution a new coating concept for thin sheets to be electromagnetically formed is presented. The influences of pre-cleaning processes, coating parameters, layer properties and sheet thickness on the deformation are scrutinized. Accompanying metallographic, mechanical and microscopic investigations of the coated layers help to understand the mechanisms of materials behaviour during EMF processes.

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