This study had for objective to build a deposit mathematical model to be interfaced with robotic simulation to predict some coating properties. The deposit model is based on a database considering the effects of the spray angle, the spray distance, the relative torch – substrate speed, the number of passes and the position of the powder injector relative to the torch trajectory. The deposit geometry, its porosity level, its hardness and its apparent Young modulus were the considered deposit geometrical and structural attributes. The processing parameters – deposit attributes relationships were analyzed and combined in a set of equations that constitute the core of the model. This set of equations was then encapsulated in the developed software to interface the deposit model with spray gun trajectories issued from robotic simulation software. Such a system permits hence to predict some deposit properties for a given set of processing parameters and for a given trajectory. This paper presents the experimental procedure leading to the determination of the deposit model, a few relationships, the procedure to define optimized simulated trajectories, and the procedure to simulate the deposit manufacturing. Then, some results are provided and discussed in relation to experimental data.

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