This work describes recent progress in Cold Spray of 2618 (Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni) aluminum alloy with Sc addition. Atomized 2618+Sc aluminum powder was sprayed onto aluminum substrates. 2618Al alloy is used for intermediate to high temperature applications in aerospace and automotive industry. The addition of Sc provides higher thermal stability to this alloy by the formation of fine Al3Sc particles. The Cold Spray process allows the fabrication of refined microstructure when compared to conventional manufacturing techniques such as casting. The microstructure of the powder and the resulting coating was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy. The mechanical behavior of the powder and the coating was studied using micro indentation measurements. The influence of different heat treatment conditions on the coating was also analyzed. This work shows that Al-Cu alloys with a refined grain structure microstructure can be successfully produced by the Cold Spray process.

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