This paper reports on the development of a cold spray system to be used as freeform fabrication production route. Cold Spray is seen as a preferential method for additive manufacture as the cold nature of the bonding removes detrimental thermally induced stresses. The Cold Gas Dynamic Manufacturing facility is the first of its kind, housed in a CNC machining centre with integrated high-speed machining spindle for back machining of deposit material to tolerance. The process enables the production of complex geometries including undercuts through the use of a two material delivery system fed by separate powder feeders. By this method one material is used as a sacrificial support structure and removed through post-process techniques. The process is fully numerically controlled. The process is conducted inside a chamber, such that all process gas is recaptured for purification and recycling. The paper will report on the various aspects of component production and will also detail strategies and techniques for building complex component shapes. Abstract only; no full-text paper available.

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