Twin Wire Arc Spraying of cored wires for wear resistant applications is being increasingly used for industrial applications such as FBC boilers. Two promising cored wires namely Alpha 1800 and Armacor M were selected and sprayed by Twin Wire Arc Spray Technique. The sprayed samples were tested at different temperatures ranging from 3000C to 6000C in a High Temperature Erosion Test Rig using quartz as erodent. The samples were tested at 300 and 900 angles. The erosion behaviour of Alpha-1800 coating was compared with that of base metal Carbon Steel and Armacor M coating. The results showed that the erosion resistance of Alpha-1800 coating was superior than those of Carbon Steel base metal and Armacor M coating at all temperatures and at impact angles of 300 and 900. SEM studies of few erosion tested samples were also carried out to understand the morphology of the eroded regions. Abstract only; no full-text paper available.

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